Sunree has a professional team, through strictly training, assessment of machinery installation and maintenance, analysis of hygiene products and materials, can provide customers with a full range of services.

Sunree is commit to enhance the quality of customers’ products through state-of-the-art hygiene solutions. Address the diverse needs of different regions and consumers by offering differentiated products and services. Build a healthy, win-win ecosystem based on open collaboration with partners.


According to the customer’s actual requirements, analyze all aspects of the situation, then provide customers with the reasonable suggestions and solutions for reference

Technical Service

Sunree can optimize your existed products and recommend you the right materials and parts, update information or probably potential troubles. You can get our service via e-mail, telephone or any instant messenger.

Engineering Support

According to the differentiated customer’s request, Sunree can help customers to hire a professional technician from China, to operate the machines, guide the customer to do the daily maintenance and technical training to help customer familiar with the device more quickly, to show benefits as soon as possible.