Sunree Industrial established a truly global presence in its area of work. Your reliable partner for disposable hygiene products raw materials, machines and whole solutions for disposable hygiene products manufacturers worldwide!

Since 2005, Sunree has been a sophisticated manufacturer and supplier of topnotch raw materials for baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkins, under pads, wet wipes, tissue paper and complete disposable hygiene products solutions in the hygiene industry.

Sunree has invested in different factories for the manufacture of hygiene materials, hygiene products and machines. Sunree portfolio includes nonwoven fabric, film (PE film/breathable film/laminated film), air-laid paper, SAP paper and diapers closed system (frontal tape/side tape) for disposable hygiene products. All of the raw materials in our portfolio are specifically customized to meet customers' unique requirements.

Sunree cooperates with multi-national enterprises in depth and become their strategic partner. The raw materials cover elastic yarn, hot melt glue, SAP and more. Based on that and our bulk quantity, we can provide competitive price and mix load all kinds of materials so that our customers can save more capital flow and stock consumption.

Sunree provides customized disposable hygiene products machines with a full range of services and technical supports based on our customers’ requirements of machine speed, technical specifications, project budget. The machines cover baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine, sanitary napkins machine, pantyliner machine, under pads machine, napkin paper machine, tissue paper machine, toilet paper machine and components. All of machines are engineered and manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, China.

On four pillars of strong commitments towards delivery, assurance of quality, customer satisfaction and excellent supply chain, Sunree has been delivering the products to the clients which have added more value to Sunree services and make Sunree the leading and trusted supplier of disposable hygiene industry.




Our team comprises of members equipped with experience in almost all fields related to design and development of custom disposable hygiene product machines, raw materials and hygiene products. If you have any needs for your products or make further improvements, we are here to offer our support.


It is often the case that good bought from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time, fall short of your expectations for one reason or another. Now, our sampling services save you from those worries!


Committed ourselves to turning out the finest products, we attach the almost importance to quality standards in production.


Sunree work closely with our suppliers and engineers for the betterment of quality of products. Our controlling in this regard includes through inspections throughout the whole process of manufacturing, sparing you the extra employment of quality control inspectors.


If you want your products to be tested and certified to ensure that they comply with international standards, we can make it through independent and well-recognized testing companies.


One of the main concerns of buyers is “will my products be packaged improperly”. Precisely, we understand it quite well that packaging is no less important than products themselves.


Our thoughtful arrangements in delivery will guarantee that your products will reach the determined destination without any delay as required.


We have been devoting ourselves to making sure that our products will in a very real sense meet your needs and that is why we are eagerly ready to hear your comments on them. Your feedback, compliment or criticism, will always be our motivation for improvement.